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Why Should You Hire a Retirement Planning Consultant in Minnesota

Did you know that in two decades from now, more than one out of every five Minnesotans will be an older adult, which means that “Minnesota is expected to reach the peak ‘retirement-to working-age ratio’, with nearly two retirement-age adults for every five working-age Minnesotans.” – According to Minnesota Compass. What does that mean for you if you live in Minnesota? Well, have a massive shift in demographics will impact the economy, real estate, healthcare, and many more socio-economic services for all citizens of Minnesota. That also implies that you will need to be very proactive with planning your retirement now so that you’re not struggling to create a plan later in life.

For you to achieve the lifestyle that you desire to have in retirement, you need to work with a retirement planning consultant in Minnesota. Depending on your age right now, it may not seem like a requirement that needs to be dealt with immediately but knowing the median ages of a major population in Minnesota should give you an indication that retirement planning should be at the forefront of your long-term goals. While it may not seem like a major task to create a retirement plan, it’s actually a bit more complicated than it may seem. That’s why we recommend connecting with a reliable retirement planning consultant in Minnesota so that you can work with someone who lives in your state and understands your goals.

In order to find the right retirement planning advisor, you should make sure that they are a ‘certified financial planner’. You should also make sure that they are an FINRA member and can prove that they can offer your financial assets. Usually, reliable financial advisors and retirement planning consultants will immediately show you that they are an FINRA member on their website. You can also check on “Broker Check” by FINRA as well.

Hiring a retirement planning consultant in Minnesota also helps alleviate stress and give you peace of mind knowing that that there is a strategic plan in place for your financial future. As you grow older, life will throw lots of responsibilities at you. The economy and market conditions are out of all of our control. At some point, you’ll be forced to make critical life decisions that can impact your finances. Luckily, if you have a retirement consultant by your side, they’ll give you proper advice, hence making better financial decisions.

The other reason why consultants are life savers is that they’ll make you prepared for forced retirement. Retirement is always unavoidable. Unfortunately, some people do face their retirement forcefully when they least expect it. As traumatizing as it can be, hiring a retirement consultant in advance can help prevent such premature retirement.

To talk to a retirement planning consultant in Minnesota, feel free to contact J&S Partners Inc., or visit our sites at

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