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Of our history

J&S Partners was founded by Joe Koessl and his son, Steve Koessl in 2001 with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families plan for their retirement and financial planning needs.

Joe has a successful history since 1970 of being in the financial services industry. He completed military service as an officer from 1968-1970 at the Snelling Army Air Defense site in the Twin Cities and then Joe started his career in Appleton, Wisconsin with the Lincoln Financial Group.

Steve has been in the financial services industry for 19 years. Prior to establishing J&S Partners, Inc. he advised a number of highly respected corporations, foundations and public pension plans, such as 3M, the Knight Foundation, and the Minnesota State Board of Investment. Joe retired in 2016 and resides in Edina, MN with his wife Vicki. In 2016, Steve's niece, Natali Bohm joined the team as their Client Relationship Associate.

Our Principle

Our staff consists of experienced professionals with a “hands on” approach to financial guidance. Not only will you find our team members knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about helping you making your dreams a reality. As your Financial Professionals, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your dreams.

Our Commitment

Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding of your current financial situation is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition. If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment, send us an email or give us a call at (651) 307-9052.


Meet Our Dedicated Team

Natali Bohm

Relationship Associate
Natali Bohm

Natali Bohm

Relationship Associate
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